About Us


Based on Cortes Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Nzuri Basket Company is a small family run business. 

Our story begins over a decade ago when we first travelled to Kenya to visit family and explore the amazing countryside.  After spending several months in the country and connecting with many wonderful local families and individuals, we returned home to start our own family. 


Raising two daughters in a rural environment, and striving to live in a sustainable way, (growing our own food, living local and supporting handmade)  gave us multiple opportunities to reflect on the defining moments in our lives, one of which was our time in Kenya.

Determined to give our children the experiences we had, and wanting them to build on and continue the friendships we had forged, we returned to Kenya as a family in the spring of 2020.  It was there that Nzuri Basket Company was created.  


Working one on one with a small, female run business, we purchase our baskets direct, ensuring fair prices are paid to all of the craftspeople involved in each and every baskets creation.  Each basket we purchase is unique; hand-created by women who use their craft as a way to supplement their income from subsistence farming.  


The Director of Twende Development

We donate a minimum of 1% of our profits back to Kenya, through the grass-roots aid organization Twende Development which provides support for remote schools and communities in the form of social programming and physical projects like latrine building, and the distribution of necessary sanitation and school supplies .